Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Finding the right ceiling speaker system can be hard with so many to choose from, we have answered some of our most asked questions from people just like you.

Bluetooth ceiling speakers will give you a much better sound coverage and overall a better experiance. The quality of the speaker also plays a big part to if it will be better over another speaker.

Not only do you get a better experiance and better sound coverage from an in-ciling bluetooth speaker but you’ll also free up space on your counters! They are super easy to install and creates the perfect atmospher for cooking, cleaning and relaxing.

Yes, most Bluetooth ceiling speaker systems can be installed by an electrian or compitant DIY’er. They can be powered from your lighting circuit so there is no need to run cables up or down walls.

Most Amazon Echo devices have bluit in bluetooth, so normally you can just connect it to the Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker just like you would your phone. Alternitivley you can opt to hard wire the echo to the ceiling speaker system or just hide an Amazon Echo input in the ceiling connected to the speaker system.

Yes, All most all Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Systems have a input connection. Our most popular system has a RCA input connection making it really easy to plug into a TV or any many other devices.

The amount of speakers you need in a room depends on the room size itself. As a quick guide, we would recommend:
<3×3 – 1 Speaker (Single Mono Speaker / 1 Single Stereo Speaker)
>3×3 & <5×5 – 2 Speakers (1 Pair)
>5×5 – 4 Speakers (2 Pairs)

Absolutley, most professtionals should be able to fit a Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System without any major changes. Most of the time they can get power from the lighting circuit, meaning there is no need to run cables down walls.

Just like a normal free standing bluetooth speaker, however, its in your ceiling giving you a much better sound coverage. Once you have connected your device, generally your phone. Whatever music you play through your phone will play through the ceiling speaker. This works with Spotify, Tunein Radio & Youtube.